• If you stay reasonable in a culture

    that is exterminating life on Earth,

    then you are exterminating life on Earth.

  • Being Unreasonable

    Being reasonable has not produced regenerative cultures on Earth...

    Something unreasonable is required now.

    Are you up for this?



    Unreasonableness is a quality of 'Being', not a quality of intellect or logic.

    Unreasonableness is the capacity to originate your own framework for the context and purpose of your presence of Being out of which your actions, reactions, and creations emerge.

    In other words, Being Unreasonable means you do not automatically submit to pressure from reasons given to justify actions within any given context.

    In Being Unreasonable you notice that reasons have little or no power over you.

    You have become, for the most part, free of the manipulation of reasons, either from societal constructs, from others, from your own mind or your own past.

    Your mind may indeed be convinced of a perspective, a racist opinion, a political belief, a religious catechism, an economic necessity, a social status imperative for your behavior, etc. but your Being has the clarity that makes the power of the reason irrelevant.

    Reasons cannot compromise your Values.

    Reasons cannot undermine your Stand.

    Reasons do not countermand your Bright Principles or your Archetypal Lineage.

    Being Unreasonable is a very wild place to be, as it reflects the unusual clarity of the Context of Radical Responsibility.

    Being Unreasonable is also a very human place to be, in so far as human beings are designed to Be Unreasonable.


    Perhaps by now you have realized that something extraordinary is going on...

    For example, this year (2020) Earth's atmospheric methane gas concentration has exceeded 1875 parts per billion.

    "So what?" you might ask.

    The 'so what' of atmospheric methane is that 1875 parts per billion methane equates to a planetary temperature rise of over 12° Centigrade hotter than the global average temperatures during the past 400,000 years.

    This is already a lethal amount of going on. We shot past 400 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 2015 which equates to sea levels of 23 meters above today's levels.

    If you add to that human overpopulation, extinction of species, disappearance of aquifers, nuclear wastes, political corruption at the highest levels... we have exceeded so many lethal tipping points that eliminating one threat only makes other threats worse. And now we have the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Something is definitely going on...


    You have three choices:

    1. Stay reasonable within the context of modern culture and do nothing. Keep to 'business as usual'. Do whatever you can to not to think about it. Distract yourself with NetFlix, alcohol, financial worries, Low Dramas. Try to suppress your anxiety and depression. Sometimes complain to your friends.
    2. Go to the edge of reasonableness by trying to figure out what is really going on. Spend hours and days online, searching YouTube and FaceBook. Whose fault is it really? Who is behind all this? Which of the conspiracy theories is correct? If you actually understand what is going on and why, it might somehow get better.
    3. Go unreasonable in practical ways.


    Trying to devastate modern culture is like battling a ghost. There is nothing actually there.

    You are confronting people who believe their own bullshit.

    The social, philosophical, and material infrastructure of modern culture is already obsolete.

    It has no power over you.

    Whatever power you think modern culture has over you is your own self-deception.

    Try to figure out why you would want to deceive yourself into thinking that modern culture has any power over you. Why do you want to believe modern culture is determining your life?

    There is already a far bigger and more resilient life available to you. That new life encompasses more connections with people and more possibilities to create.

    Perhaps the different set of reasonableness is not visible to you due to the media-generated smoke and mirrors. All the urgency, the 'threats' and 'dangers' are amplified enough for you to continue giving your authority away to the regime of uninitiated adolescent psychopaths. But do you really want to keep giving your authority away to them? Do you still want to regard these guys as 'your leaders'?

    If you do want to keep thinking of them as your leaders, then stopping reading here would be in order.

    If you are taking your authority back, then you have a bigger problem.

    Your problem is this: what's next for you? Where will you put your energy and attention now? If you are not fighting against the Zombies, what will you create instead?

    The ancient regime messages you daily: We control you. We own you. You must obey us so we can keep you safe (and take your money). We know what you are doing!

    These people have no matrix to even see what you are doing! How could they comprehend what you are doing enough to stop what you are doing?

    They can have no power over you because they cannot even see you.

    Which authority do you think you need to go to, to get permission for what you want to do next?

    Which authority could even understand your request?


    There is no valid authority anymore from whom you can get permission to do what you need to do next. They don't get it.

    They cannot even imagine that what you are already doing is possible.

    Forget about asking for permission from external authority.

    Just stop it.

    You are wasting your time.

    Perhaps you want to continue to waste your time?

    Perhaps your Gremlin is not satisfied that it has gotten enough revenge and it wants to tear the old regime 'leaders' apart?

    Sorry, but they are already tearing each other apart. They are doing it to each other on their own.

    If you don't want to waste your time, then realize you no longer have to wait for the old regime to disappear. They are already gone!

    There are only ghosts...

    smoke and mirrors...

    a whisper of 6000 years of capitalist patriarchal empire. The echo is dying away and fading out. You can stop listening to it.

    It is only swirls of dust.


    The first step in shifting into a new galaxy of possibilities is to shift out of your current galaxy of possibilities. This is going unreasonable.







































  • How To Go Unreasonable

    Nobody can go unreasonable for you.

    More interestingly, nobody can stop you from shifting into a different context of reason.


    Notice The Purpose of the Current Reasonableness

    Notice what the current reasonableness produces.

    Notice what it does to human beings.

    Notice what does to the natural balances in nature.

    This is the purpose of the current reasonableness.

    In other words: What you have is what you want.

    Explanation: Your preferred core internal construct of reason pre-determines what you perceive, how you interact, and what you can create, thus determining what you have.

    The construct of your reasonableness establishes the domain of your Being.

    If you change your domain of Being (who you are), you change what you create and what you have.

    People complain about this principle because they do not want to have so much power. It can be painful to look at what you have as what you want to have. Part of the pain is losing any chance of blaming someone else for what you have.


    Name The Context of the Current Reasonableness

    The results that the context of the current reasonableness give you vocabulary for naming the context and purpose of the current reasonableness.

    For example, if the results are Winning Happening, creative collaboration, nonlinear possibility, healing, transformation, connection, support, and love, then you could name the context of the current reasonableness: creative collaboration, or next culture, or, archearchy.

    If the the results of the current context of reasonableness are competitiveness, material scarcity, disregard of integrity, small mindedness, fear, disconnection, blame, resentment and hatred, then you could name the context of the current reasonableness: modern culture, capitalist patriarchal empire.


    Consider Other Possible Contexts of Reasonableness

    Once you have noticed and named the form of reasonableness being applied in the current context, you can have a conversation about the qualities of the conversation that is taking place (or that is being avoided). This is called having a 'metaconversation'.

    Having a Metaconversation about the sort of reasonableness that is currently accepted in the gameworld, or the space, creates the possibility of shifting into a different sort of reasonableness.

    For example, you can say, "I notice the limitations of the current reasonableness disallow resources from belonging to anyone other than this corporation, or, this board of directors, or, these stockholders, or the people who hold a paper that is regarded as an Ownership Title. I would like to question the value of continuing to function within the limitations of this form of reasonableness."


    Understand What The Context of the Reasonableness Does

  • Illusion and Reasonableness

    How do your illusions (fantasy worlds / stories about the world) occlude valuable Possibility?


    To what degree does the form or reasonableness you use, face into, and distinguish the illusions you work within?


    What is the value of disillusionment?


    How can you become disillusioned?


    What context of reasonableness allows for practical disillusionment?


    Which illusions does your current context of reasonableness promote?


    Who benefits from the promotion of your current context of reasonableness' illusions?


    What are some common popular illusions?

    • That it is possible to own a material object.
    • That it is possible to own land.
    • That someone else can represent your voice and your intelligence in a government.
    • That the medium of exchange has value itself.
    • That a belief has validity.
    • That a story is true.
    • That it is possible to make a 'profit' in an interconnected ecological system such as a planet.
    • That a design or an idea or genetic material can be 'patented' or 'copyrighted'.
    • That a design or idea does not belong to the creative commons.
    • That it is possible to be irresponsible.
    • That there is such as thing as a 'problem'.
    • That it is possible to be a 'victim'.
    • That someone becomes adult when they turn 18 or 21 years of age without the transformational effects of authentic adulthood initiatory processes.
    • That emotions are feelings.
    • That a person does not have a Gremlin or an Underworld, any part of which they have not owned, owns them.
    • That it is possible to 'throw something away'.
    • That corporate costs can be 'externalized' to 'under-developed' countries, society at large, or future generations.
    • That the current atmospheric methane concentration of 1875 parts per billion do not mean anything.
    • That you can take action anywhen else but now.
    • That getting good grades and a degree empowers you to be yourself, get a good job and be happy.


  • Making Unreasonable Requests

  • Experiments


    Experiment GOUNREAS.01

    Bring your Beep! Book along all day and keep it handy.


    Experiment GOUNREAS.02

    Build a new website - or open a new part of your existing website - that describes the reasonableness in the world your heart knows is possible.

    Be as detailed and specific as possible about the agreements between people in your preferred form of reasonableness.


    Experiment GOUNREAS.03

    Get together with a minimum of 2 other people, one to be your Reasonableness Dharma Combatant, and one to be the Spaceholder. This Experiment is also perfect for your (online or offline) Possibility Team.

    1. For 15 minutes, the first person explains their preferred context of reasonableness. Everyone else listens.
    2. For the next 15 minutes, the second person explains their preferred context of reasonableness. Everyone else listens.
    3. For the next 15 minutes, the two Dharma Combatants argue with each other with regards to who has the 'right' or 'better' context of reasonableness.
    4. For the next 15 minutes, the audience (either the Spaceholder or the the participants in the Possibility Team) give feedback and coaching about the way each participant demonstrated (or contradicted) their preferred context of reasonableness during the Dharma Combat.
    5. For the next 15 minutes, everyone discusses what was learned and discovered. Make sure this Discovery Speaking space has a formal Spaceholder, a Timekeeper, and a Scribe who takes clear notes to document the treasure that is found.

    Be Unreasonable

    Experiment GOUNREAS.04

    Go Unreasonable Alone

    Experiment GOUNREAS.05

    Go Unreasonable With A Team

    Experiment GOUNREAS.06

    Make Unreasonable Requests For Yourself

    Experiment GOUNREAS.07

    Here is an example of an unreasonable request of yourself.

    Emotions are not Feelings.

    First learn the difference as an experience, not just in your mind.

    For the first 3 days distinguish experientially between Feelings and Emotions.

    In short: Emotions are anger, sadness, fear, or joy, but do not come from you in the present moment). For the next two weeks, every time you experience an Emotion

    Make Unreasonable Requests For Transformation

    Experiment GOUNREAS.08

    Make Unreasonable Pirate Agreements

    Experiment GOUNREAS.09

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